Covid-Fatigued Citizens Of The World Have Been Had


Those in the know say the Emergency Act is coming back in September when influenza season returns

By Judi McLeod ——Bio and ArchivesJuly 16, 2021

Covid-19-beleaguered citizens worldwide—including the heartbreaking millions teetering on the edge of bankruptcy—from a media-hyped pandemic, you’ve been had.

You’ve been had by the many outright liars elected to and holding public office.

You’ve been had by a callous, self-serving media bought off by lying government ‘leaders’ who hold public office.

Today Ontario Premier Doug Ford will re-open a province—where the Emergency Act was revoked—with little or no fanfare on June 9.


Emergency was revoked on June 9, 2021

In other words, as Canada’s top constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati says, they’re using the Ontario Reopening Act as a cover to continue with their restriction dictates when the Emergency has been legally EXPIRED—without most people not knowing about it—since June 9.

‘Coronavirus: Ontario extends current emergency orders until June 9’-(Global News, May 27,2020).

“The Ontario government says it is extending all current emergency orders until June 9 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“The province is enforcing emergency orders under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act due to the outbreak.

“Although the emergency orders have been extended multiple times since the pandemic began, the most recent was set to expire on May 29.”

The Courts knew, Ford knew, the media knew—only millions of average citizens, those most impacted by facemask and social distancing government mandates—have been purposely kept in the dark!

Kept in the dark because average citizens might ask if the Emergency was revoked on June 9, 2021, then why are Emergency restrictions still in place?

A crippled Ontario

Today Ontario is ‘reopening’, allowing roughly 50 percent clientele to businesses kept from operating by shut-downs for 16 long months.

A crippled Ontario, once the economic engine of the country called Canada—is, with its population of 15 million souls, home to roughly half of Canada’s population.

While all this is ongoing, Ford is out on the campaign trail for a 2022 Election. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, buoyed by yesterday’s Angus-Reid poll that claims a “majority of Canadians say at least 75% should be vaccinated at home before the Canada-US border re-opens and that half say Trudeau has handled pandemic well, highest level since January”, is rumored to be expected to call a federal election next month.

Where are the mainstream and social media? Silent, complicit and tucked into feather beds with Big Brother Government.

Count on the Truth of this article and the video embedded being stifled by the entire mainstream and social media.

Only readers and viewers can get the truth out in the sunlight by forwarding them to as many friends and contacts as you can.

Thank the Almighty’s Providence for Gab, who posted the AWAKE Canada video and for Canada’s top Constitution lawyer Rocco Galati, for without them not many would know the Truth.

“Of course there is no emergency.  But they maintain they had an interim piece of legislation in there called the Reopening Ontario act to relax the emergency measures. Well there is no emergency , there is no reason to relax, they disappear.”Rocco Galati, July 11, 2021.(

Firebrand, brilliant, bottom-liner Galati

Firebrand, brilliant, bottom-liner Galati has never lost a court case in his decades long career. 

Fearless, dedicated and persistent, all lawyers in all countries should be just like him.

On a small personal note, Rocco Galati helped bring ‘Our Toronto’, the forerunner to the 24-year-old Canada Free Press online.

Profound gratitude, Rocco for not changing an iota over the years.

The clear and present danger about the June 9 revoking of the Emergency Act, is that it can be reversed by the government at any time.

Those in the know say it is coming back in September when influenza season returns.

On this, there is collusion between governments just as there was collusion between governments in scaremongering populations about the dangers of Covid-19.

CFP readers everywhere, don’t let this story wither on the vine. 

Talk it up, spread the word—stop lying governments in all countries in their tracks.

We can do this together.  We can prove that ordinary citizens, not mainstream and social ones are the REAL MEDIA.

Go, citizens, Go!!!


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