What good rorts: some Liberal seats were so needy they were allowed to double-dip


It was an extraordinary coincidence that the Melbourne seats most in need of car parks happened to be marginal Coalition ones.

Tim Wilson, John Frydenberg and Michael Sukkar (Images: AAP)

The car park rort program, part of the government’s Urban Congestion Fund, was focused on saving Victoria, particularly Melbourne, an area where the Liberals expected to struggle in the 2019 election. The Coalition was right to be concerned: Melbourne bucked the national swing to the Coalition.

Goldstein, an inner Melbourne seat held by Liberal Tim Wilson, was the biggest winner with six funded projects. While not marginal, Wilson suffered a 4% swing against him. Deakin, in the Melbourne suburbs, got five. While Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar hung on, it was so firmly in Labor’s sites Bill Shorten launched his campaign there.

Four projects were funded in Kooyong, the blue ribbon Liberal stronghold where Treasurer Josh Frydenberg was given a real scare by the Greens — driven by the party’s stance on climate change.

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