Denver Republican Party Chair Having A Normal One


Garrett Flicker, the chairman of the Denver Republican Party, was wondering what you thought last week in a post to Facebook about charging teachers who “teach our kids to hate America” with capital-T treason:

Mr. Flicker’s Facebook post has been up for several days now, and as of this writing he has still not corrected his misspelling of the word “treason.” But in the lively comments section of this post, Chairman Flicker makes it very clear he means exactly what he’s trying to spell:

Up until now, the image Garrett Flicker has been trying to cultivate as Denver GOP chairman is of that fabled “different kind of Republican,” looking to “shift the GOP’s post-Trump outlook” and “redefine” the role of the Denver Republican Party in a city where a whopping 11% of voters are registered GOP. Flicker got some press earlier this month for a ballot measure he’s supporting to crack down on homeless encampments sanctioned and otherwise, which we assume is an example of the “kinder, gentler” party Flicker wants to see.

Anyway, now he’s the Denver Republican chairman who thinks teachers should be charged with treason.

Welcome back to the mainstream, Grand Old Party.

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