Behold The Vatican’s New Messiah And All Bow Down At His Clay Feet


Behold The Vatican’s New Messiah And All Bow Down At His Clay Feet, AL GORE, MAURICE STRONG, MIKHAIL GORBACHEV, DR. FAUCI, COVID,

By ——April 29, 2021

Hype notwithstanding, the Lockdown world is not waiting breathlessly for the debut of the New Messiah on May 6, 2021, only the most unlikely of places—the Vatican—through its Pontifical Council for Culture, the Cura Foundation, the Science and Faith Foundation (TTOQ) and Stem For Life (SFLF)—is.

With little to no fanfare, the Vatican is giving Dr. Anthony Fauci its keynote speaking spot at an event touted as “Exploring the Mind, Body & Soul.” “How Innovation and Novel Delivery Systems Improve Human Health”.

‘The Newly-Minted Vatican Messiah’

More than passing bizarre that the MSM who favor Fauci with as much publicity as it does for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), pays scant attention to Fauci, ‘The Newly-Minted Vatican Messiah’.

It’s down to: Make way for the Vatican’s New Messiah and all bow down to his beaker’s face mask and just as visible clay feet.

Fauci, who has flip-flopped all over what to do about avoiding the Covid-19 pandemic, already owns human health, and now, courtesy of a digital Vatican “Health” conference is about to invade your immortal soul.

All Messiahs other than the original real One, come our way on clumsy clay feet.

Why is it that all media-manufactured ones, turn to religion in trying to dupe the masses?

Examples: Global Warming guru Al Gore, who was the homily messiah at St. John Divine Church in New York City.  (CANADA FREE PRESS, May 19, 2010)

‘Father of the Environment’, Canadian UN Poster Boy, Maurice Strong, who hooked up with Communist Mikhail Gorbachev in trying to replace the Ten Commandments with the Earth Charter. (CANADA FREE PRESS, Jan. 3, 2006).

This is how Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò describes the Vatican “Health” Conference: (LIFESITENEWS, April 20, 2021)

“On closer inspection, the sectarianism and partisanship of the Vatican Conference are made evident by the topic it addresses, the conclusions it seeks to draw, its participants, and its sponsors. Even the image chosen to promote the Conference is extremely eloquent: a close-up of Michelangelo’s fresco of Creation on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, in which the hand of God the Father reaches out towards the hand of Adam, but with both hands covered by disposable surgical gloves, recalling the regulations of the new “health liturgy” and implying that even the Lord Himself might spread the virus.”

The conference’s participants include: Lesser stars brought to the world stage by the Vatican’s anti-God Squad include vaccine developers, Mormon elders, pro-abortion Chelsea Clinton, population control advocate Jane Goodall, a New Age activist, a prominent UK Muslim scholar, and a pro-abortion American actress known for posing nude. (CANADA FREE PRESS, April 16, 2021)

The so-called ‘Faucian Bargain’ is Fake. (EPOCH TIMES, April 26, 2021)

“Americans are being denied access to key information about #COVID19 by unelected bureaucrats who seek to expand government power and control, warned Steve Deace.

“Steve Deace on ‘Faucian Bargain’: Second Opinions About COVID-19 Denied to Americans.

“For example, if the average American knew that almost half of the deaths in America with COVID occurred in nursing homes where less than one percent of Americans live, we would have never ever gone along with this level of subjugation,” Deace told host Jan Jekielek. “These are the sorts of data points that have been kept from the American people, so they have not been given the right to informed consent.”

“Deace moved on to cite a variety of “counter experts” from prestigious institutions such as Stanford and Oxford Universities, who “got kicked to the curb” because of their skepticism of one particular COVID-19 model used to justify lockdowns that severely affected people’s lives.

“We were told to trust the experts,” he said. “Why weren’t we permitted to get second opinions from counter experts, before we decided to risk a huge drop in cancer screenings, 40 million unemployed, 20 percent of American small businesses that are never going to return, on average, across the country?”


Al Gore, Maurice Strong or Mikhail Gorbachev.  They were all Fake Messiahs

Meanwhile, the Vatican, ostensibly there to save souls, is doing the world an injustice by presenting Fauci as a Messiah.

Even though in his day, the DNC tried to present Barack Hussein Obama as one, he was no Messiah but only another overly ambitious, self-centred politician.

Neither were the ever-loquacious Al Gore, Maurice Strong or Mikhail Gorbachev.  They were all Fake Messiahs.

There only ever was and will always be one true Messiah—our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile, we should all fall on our knees and pray that the Vatican is impeded in making Fauci the New Messiah—even if we have to do it at home because Fauci’s Covid-19 fear mongering has managed to shut down all houses of worship.


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